India’s privatization program at risk as Air India sale shelved

FunMoney June 21, 2018

India’s government was hoping to raise billions selling the national airline to a private buyer. Now it’s likely to have to spend billions instead to keep it flying after being forced to shelve the sale. The effort to sell state-owned Air India “is over” for the time being, senior aviation official Jayant Sinha said at […]

Why Coinbase’s Support for Ethereum Testnets & ERC-20 Tokens Matters

FunMoney June 21, 2018

Toshi, the Ethereum-based decentralized application browser and wallet operated by Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, brokerage, and wallet platform, has added support for Ethereum testnets and custom ERC-20 tokens. Coinbase Roadmap Lsat week, upon the integration of Ethereum Classic (ETC), the Coinbase team told its users and investors that the mid-term strategy of the […]

Chain Accelerator Opens Its Doors to Blockchain, Crypto Startups in …

FunMoney June 20, 2018

Chain Accelerator has launched in France. It is the first startup acceleratordedicated to the blockchain that can call Europe its home. Among the organization’s chief operators are Hyperloop Transportation Technologies chairman Bibop G. Gresta, former SWIFT CEO Leonard Schrank, and Ledger president Pascal Gauthier. The company will assist startups with initial coin offerings (ICOs), business […]

California lawmakers push diversity through film tax credit

FunMoney June 19, 2018

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California lawmakers passed legislation Monday that puts more conditions on state film tax credits to encourage better sexual harassment reporting and diverse hiring amid revelations of misconduct and discrimination in the movie industry. The legislation would require feature film and television projects that apply for the credits, which are assigned based on […]

IBM pits computer against human debaters

FunMoney June 19, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — IBM pitted a computer against two human debaters in the first public demonstration of artificial intelligence technology it’s been working on for more than five years. The company unveiled its Project Debater in San Francisco on Monday, asking it to make a case for government-subsidized space research — a topic it hadn’t […]